Pricing & Product Availability Policy

Every effort is made to keep pricing current and up-to-date both for our catalogs online, and in our print publications.  However, due to the nature of this industry, supply and demand, manufacturing and supplier costs, as well as other market forces beyond our control, prices may fluctuate up or down at times.  Although kept to a minimum, price fluctuation does occur occasionally, and therefore we reserve the right to change any listed price in our print catalogs as well as our online catalogs without prior notification.

We strive to provide exceptional value for your restoration dollar and offer OEM or better quality parts at a fair price.  It is true occasionally that some parts we offer may cost a little more than others available on the market, but they fit and function correctly as they should.  After so many years in business, we have come across many cheaply made products that simply do not hold up under day to day use.  The dollar or two on you may save using inferior products will, in the long, almost always cost you much more money.

Availability of all parts and accessories in any of our publications or advertisements are subject to change without notice and we may also discontinue certain items without notification.

 All orders being shipped to an Oklahoma state address will be charged sales tax by law at the prevailing rate applicable from our shipping base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Currently, that sales tax rate rate is 8.375%.  Orders shipped outside of Oklahoma Sate will not be charged sales tax.  Both the current applicable sales tax rate and localities where we are not required to collect sales tax,  are subject to change without previous notification..